Thursday, March 20, 2014

Heating oil-price would be enough to leave you cold!

If you think high gasoline prices, wait until the first cold snap of the season. Usually, the fuel oil is a seasonal product but the price is certainly related to the overall cost of crude oil. Since the prices of raw materials are currently at an all time high, we can expect heating oil also rose substantially since last year.

In many places the price of home heating oil is equal to the price of gasoline. This is interesting because the price of fuel is usually between 45-55 cent transportation tax built into the price.

Heating Oil is a product that actually made in the off season at the refinery that makes gasoline during the winter. The way it works is simple. An oil refineries do not make money unless it makes the product. Even going full bore 100% of the capacity is nearly impossible, oil refineries across the country can not meet the demand for gasoline or heating oil during the winter and summer fuel. The answer to this dilemma, while also identifying the need to keep the plant operating efficiency as far as possible to make heating oil in the summer and store it in a tank for delivery in autumn and winter cold. They also do the same thing in the winter cold by manufacturing fuel for use in the summer. This allows the oil companies to keep the plant operational while also deadly products we rely on every year.

The only problem with this is that on top of the price of crude oil, they also need to accurately predict about the request. For much of the fuel or fuel oil at the end of the season and they lose money. So little and go up the price even more. To make matters worse, it is also necessary for the basic needs of time as we know it will predict the best.

You can do your part by being as fuel efficient as possible when using one of these products. Consider the campaign found the draft to your home and fix it. Use blankets and heating pad to keep warm at night everyone. Turn down the thermostat at night and save even more. Out spare room heater and put a towel on the bottom to restrict the cold air entering the heating of your home. More oil heater is used, the less upward pressure on prices and the more we all save.

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